Wim Hof—also known as the Iceman—is famous the world over for his revolutionary approach to health.

But what is the Wim Hof breathing method exactly, and what are its benefits?

If you're interested in learning more, then this is the guide for you.

Read on to dive into the world of breathing techniques, sea swimming, cold shower exposure, and elevated health and wellness. Learn how you can improve your health and reduce your stress—all by learning to breathe—now.

What Is the Wim Hof Breathing Method?

Wim Hof is a Dutch motivational speaker, athlete, and wellness advocate. He's known for swimming in icy conditions and running barefoot half marathons on ice and snow. He credits his ability to complete these extreme feats to a regimen of his own making: the Wim Hof Method.

The Wim Hof Method has three main pillars: cold therapy, breathing, and meditation. Hof states that his regimen has many health benefits, such as reduced stress, a stronger immune system, better sleep, and greater focus.

Studies are ongoing into the science behind this method. So far, the results look promising.

Wim Hof Breathing Exercises

The Wim Hof method involves practising breathing exercises in conjunction with cold exposure. The breathing exercise is as follows.

  1. Take in a strong inhalation through the nose.
  2. Let out a relaxed exhalation through the mouth.
  3. Repeat for 30 breaths.
  4. On the 30th breath, exhale to 90% and hold for as long as you can.
  5. When you feel your body really needs to take a breath, inhale fully and hold for 15 seconds before releasing.

What Is Cold Exposure?

Cold exposure is thought to have a number of health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory effects and speeds up muscle recovery post exercise. Coldwater therapy can also lead to increased energy, an improved immune system, and reduced stress levels.

For this reason, sea swimming is popular among many people in cold areas. There's a big Cornwall sea swimming movement, with different clubs and events dedicated to wild swimming in the area.

The same effect can be achieved by cold shower exposure, which involves taking a shower at a very cold temperature. Many people choose to practise cold shower exposure after a trip to the sauna, for heightened results.

Practice Mindfulness and Reduce Your Stress Now

There are many different things you can do to promote a more peaceful life. From Wim Hof breathing exercises to meditation to practising self-care. If you'd like to learn more about how you can reduce your stress and increase your health through the use of Infrared Saunas, get in touch now.

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