Promoting deep, refreshing sleep, Ethica CBD - Night has been carefully formulated to optimize the chances of enjoying a peaceful night of unbroken slumber. Ingredients include Swiss hemp-derived CBD, terpenes, and plant extracts - all chosen for their proven sleep-enhancing properties.

Swiss Hemp-Derived CBD

Studies show that CBD can reduce anxiety, promote restful sleep and help to break the cycle of daytime sleepiness coupled with nighttime wakefulness that can be so troublesome to sufferers. Extracted from the non-intoxicating part of the cannabis plant (Cannabis Sativa L) cannabidiol (CBD) contains a number of complex plant compounds that have been shown to have numerous therapeutic uses.


In addition to cannabidiol, the Cannabis plant also contains terpenes - these are compounds that give the plant its smell and color. When used alongside cannabidiol, they have been found to enhance its therapeutic effect - the two elements of the plant work synergistically to gently prepare the body for rest.

Plant Extracts

Tapping into the healing power of herbs, extracts of chamomile and lavender promote feelings of calm and sleepiness. They help both the body and mind unwind after a busy stressful day, helping to get users into the frame of mind where they're ready to drift off into deep, rejuvenating sleep.

Use as Part of Your Bedtime Routine

An important part of sleep hygiene is to have a regular bedtime routine that lets your body and mind know that sleep time is on the way. Many people find they get the best results from their Ethica preparation when they use it just before starting their bedtime routine. Alongside the other parts of the routine (such as switching off screens, eliminating blue light, having a warm bath, meditating, journaling, or reading a book), the Night remedy enhances calm and a relaxed state.

Ethica CBD - Night

If you're looking for a preparation that's going to make it easier to drop off, and help you stay asleep for the duration of the night, you may find Ethica CBD - Night works really well for you.

CBD Oil Strength: 1000mg | 10%