ETHICA - Sports Gel with CBD and CBG


EthicaCBD combines the natural powers of CBD so you can integrate it into your regimen and routine for greater performance in the gym and during training. 


Experience CBD Effects that Get You the Most Out of Your Training Hours

EthicaCBD soothes your muscles, joints, and tendons, enabling you to train harder than ever and optimise recovery rest days and recovery safely. in the gym, this helps to give you that extra burst of power and resilience you need to reach your peak performance. And all that is made possible using only natural means, because EthicaCBD is comprised entirely of organic extracts that harness more of your body's potential. 


Organic Ingredients that Suit Any Type of Athlete

The proprietary sports gel in this CBD cream contains cannabinoids and other natural elements such as organic silicium, camphor and menthol to reduce chances of inflammation. And because all the ingredients are entirely organic, vegan athletes can also use this cream in their routines. The cooling effect of the sports gel makes it an effective source of relief when you're suffering from an ache or strain that requires deep relief. The gel also works for relieving the soreness you may feel just after exercising. The range of uses and natural sourcing make EthicaCBD a great fit for experienced athletes, amateurs who are just starting out, and those who go to the gym from time to time. 


Scientifically Proven and Environmentally Conscious

EthicaCBD has spent over a year in strenuous development, undergoing numerous tests and tweaks to achieve maximum effectiveness. After dermatological testing, it has been proven to be perfectly safe for direct application on skin. And an independent study also attests to the extensive benefits it offers athletes. 

The packaging of this CBD cream is fully recyclable, so the eco-friendly user can have confidence they're choosing a product that's safe for the environment.