HELLO ALOE English Walnut - Facial Buffer


Refresh and detoxify your skin with the HELLO ALOE English Walnut Facial Buffer. Specially designed to gently exfoliate your skin without stripping it of its natural glow, you'll be as radiant as the sun with the help of this facial buffer. Active ingredients like English walnuts, coffee extract, and bamboo help to remove dead skin and other impurities, while cocoa butter and clay work to hydrate and restore cells for luxuriously smooth skin. Your skin will love the combination of exfoliating and softening ingredients in this natural formula.


Unlike other exfoliating scrubs that strip your skin bare without protecting it from harsh environments, the English Walnut Facial Buffer leaves your skin's natural oils intact. This gentle detox leaves your skin glowing and soft without relying on help from other products. Plus, ingredients like clay and frankincense remove impurities and keep pores clean for long-lasting radiance and hydration.


The combination of coffee extract and bamboo promotes a silky smooth texture for your skin. The ingredients also team up to replenish minerals while stimulating and removing impurities. Working in tandem with juniper berries, cherry kernels, and rose petals, this facial buffer revitalizes your skin for a polished, flawless look.


Ideal for skin of all types, this facial buffer is perfect for detoxifying and refreshing dull, rough skin. With ingredients like cocoa butter, coffee extract, and English walnuts, this English Walnut Facial Buffer will keep your skin hydrated and radiant.


Directions for use

Apply the English Walnut Facial Buffer to clean, wet skin with circular strokes until the face is covered. THIS SCRUB MUST BE KEPT DRY, scoop out with a dry finger or spatula. Alternately, mix the facial buffer with water in the palm of your hand to create a creamy emulsion before applying. Rinse thoroughly to enjoy radiant, healthy skin all day long.



Cocoa butter, Coffee extract, Cherry kernel, Organic aromatic of rose petal, Juniper berries, Frankincense, Bamboo, English walnuts, Clay.