HELLO ALOE Purely Herbal - Collagen Boost Oil


Supporting the collagen formation and renewal that's so important to healthy skin, the Purely Herbal - Collagen Boost Oil is comprised of herbs that have been shown to stimulate and assist the body to increase collagen production.

Supporting Collagen Production

Collagen is a protein that's naturally found in the skin. Its main function is to provide skin elasticity, creating the fullness and bounce that's typical of younger skin. As we age, levels of collagen naturally decline, which can lead to sagging. This collagen-promoting oil contains a blend of carefully selected herbs that help to nurture and restore collagen receptors.

Anti-oxidant and Rejuvenating

Several of the ingredients in this oil have been selected for their regenerative and anti-oxidant properties. Calendula (marigold), Chamomile, Comfrey (a known wound-healer) and Mangosteen peel are all thought to have healing, renewing properties that make them an ideal addition to a nourishing oil.

Gently yet Effective Ingredients

Skin that needs additional support is often delicate, requiring soothing products that nurture and gently prompt renewal and repair. This oil has been specifically designed to provide an effective method of supplying the skin with wholesome, natural ingredients that can make a positive difference not only to the skin's appearance but also to its health.

Pure Herbal - Collagen Boost Oil is Ideal for Aging and/or Dull Skin

Acting on the skin in a variety of different ways, the serum can be used on its own, after cleansing and toning, or as part of a more sophisticated skincare regime. Suitable for anyone who feels their skin has become dry, dull or vulnerable to the signs of ageing, the Pure Herbal-Collagen Boost Oil could provide a welcome lift. 


Calendula Officinalis fusion, Frankincense, Vetiver Chamomile flower, Comfrey, Nettle leaf, Mangosteen peel, Grapeseed oil, Castor oil, He Shou Wu, Bergamot and Baobab oil.