WUNDER WORKSHOP Golden Turmeric Honey


Wunder Workshop brings the anti-inflammatory properties of nature’s best plants and extracts to your home. We are passionate about the wisdom that has been part of many Eastern cultures for thousands of years. We are inspired by intuitive herbalism and the one-to-one connection these cultures have with beneficial plants. The anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients in Golden Tumeric Honey give us the balance we need to combat the stress of our daily lives. 

Honey the Wunder Food

Because of its versatility, bee’s honey is one of nature’s most popular superfoods. Wunder Workshop improves on the natural anti-inflammatory properties of honey by combining it with two more of nature’s anti-inflammatory ingredients–turmeric and coconut oil. By themselves, these ingredients pack a healthy potency. You an even use it as a natural face mask! 

Immune-Boosting Turmeric Honey

The bees that make our unique blend of Turmeric Honey come from the tropical forests of Zambia. Indeed, tropical forest honey must be tasted to be appreciated. A tropical forest contains a wide variety of flowering plants making the honey nutrient-dense and ideal for boosting your immune system. 

A Golden Spoon a Day

The miombo forests of Zambia contain more than 8,000 flowering trees and plants. The bees that visit these flowers produce some of the most potent honey in the world. Just one Golden Spoonful a day will help boost your immune system. Beekeepers are so skilled in attending to their tropical forest bees they need no protection from stings. 

The Power of Turmeric

Like honey, turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory. However, turmeric has the potential to help with heart health and prevent some aging diseases.  


Wunder Workshop mixes the anti-inflammatory ingredients for you so you can help boost your immune system naturally. Enjoy as a sweetener or as a tasty addition to smoothies. 


Organic tropical forest honey, organic virgin coconut oil, organic turmeric (5%) and organic black pepper.

Servings in 120g: 24 servings