LPG Body

Inspired by the benefits of manual massage but designed to bring vastly enhanced results. LPG body treatments are non-invasive, risk free, and scientifically proven to work.

LPG Relaxation

The LPG relaxation treatment loosens areas suffering muscular tension and lessens stress with the deep sense of relaxation it brings. This is one for balancing body and mind.

30 min | £60

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LPG Lymphatic Drainage

Elimination & Sculpting

The LPG lymphatic treatment activates the release of excess fluids and toxins so metabolic waste can be naturally expelled for a strengthened immune system. Lymphatic drainage further reduces water retention, lymphoedema and bloating, aids digestion and promotes healthy blood circulation for glowing skin. Boost the body's biological functions with this highly relaxing treatment for optimised mind and body wellbeing.

Stomach & Legs 30 min | £60

Full Body & Face 60 min | £120

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LPG Anti-Celluite

Release & Firming

LPG cellulite treatments are suitable for all types of cellulite. This Initial session releases localised fat, activates circulatory exchanges, and recovers smoother, firmer skin to leave you feeling lighter. To continue the natural process this session kick starts, 6-10 follow up treatments are recommended based on your personal cellulite aessessment.

LPG Anti-Cellulite Introduction.

40 min | £70

Anti-Cellulite Booster Course

A booster course of two sessions per week is recommended to see the most significant results. The number of required sessions is determined during your personal assessment. For bookings of courses of six treatments or more, you will receive a free personal LPG Endermowear suit that allows for deeper massage without discomfort. It's also a little something to protect your modesty.

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